Bring the nostalgic train whistle sound to your home, camp, or tailgate party. Many uses. Call the kids home, call the animals to feed, our Tri-tone is a great safety whistle for hiking and our hand held stadium whistle is another fun portable crowd pleaser. All whistles are made with the same brass-coated polymer whistles that appear on our calliopes.


4-pipe "Big Noise"- Small 4 pipe train whistle with bellows and mounting brackets. Chillingly realistic steam whistle sound. Loud!

Retail $129.00     Ragtime Orleans price $119.00



4-pipe Available in Custom Campus Colors- Please call for details and availability- $129.00
Ragtime Orleans discount  $119.00


4-pipe Ragtime Orleans special with embroidered Ragtime logo- $135.00

6 pipe "Big Mama" - Large Red 6 pipe train whistle. Nice long blow for that steam freighter sound.

Retail $329.00    Ragtime Orleans price $319.00




The Ragtime Steamboat Whistle..We've incorporated the colors and brass of our beloved steamboats into our nautical edition. Bright red vinyl and brass screws all around add to the feel of the steam whistle. A wonderful gift for the steam lover,either boats or trains!

Retail $139.95  Ragtime Orleans price  $124.95

8 pipe "Big Daddy" - Large Red 8 pipe whistle for that Steam boat sound

Retail $349.00  Ragtime Orleans price  $339.00

DC-1 Duck Flock Call, we took our bellows body and added 4 duck calls to the top. This emits an amazingly realistic sound of a flock of ducks. Easily transportable from home to hunting sites. Mount it high where you are hunting and control the volume with the pull-cord. A hard pull will be heard in the entire area, or a series of short light pulls would give you the familiar "quack quack" sound.

Perfect gift for the hunter or sportsman. Removable duck calls make for easy storage and transport.


DC-1 4-tone duck-call-  Retail $159.99  Ragtime Orleans price  $139.99

Stadium whistle- Retail $129.00  
Ragtime Orleans discount  $119.00

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